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Awarded Films, 20th CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival



Asja.energy Award for Best International Documentary

Plastic China by Jiu-liang Wang (China 2016, 82’)

Jury Members: Gustavo M. Ballesté, Ferdinando Boero, Serenella Iovino, Melissa Leong, Matteo Righetto

Jury Statement

What do dumps, marine life, and the bodies of vulnerable humans have in common? Very often, plastic. The geography of plastic is a corporeal geography of inequality, marginalized peripheral landscapes, and marginalized people. Narrating their invisible stories is an act of physical and political resistance. 


Smat Award for Best One Hour Documentary

Océans, le Mystère plastique by Vincent Perazio (France 2016, 53’)

Jury Members: Paolo Legato, Georges Pessis, Daniel Tarozzi

Jury Statement

The sixth continent consists of great plastic garbage patches floating in the Pacific, the North and the South Atlantic Ocean. As the plastic degrades, it is broken down into tiny fragments that are indestructible, but ingested by marine life and animals, and, ultimately, humans. The film explains in easily understandable scientific terms an apparently irresolvable problem. For now?


The jury also awards special mention to:

The Last Pig by Allison Argo (USA 2016, 54’)

Jury Statement

The film takes a simple, direct view into the daily life of a pig farm and the relationship between the farmer and his animals. Though the film plays on viewers’ emotions when the farmer decides to stop raising pigs, it merits this special mention. 


CiAl Award for Best Italian Documentary

Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction by Nika Šaravanja, Alessandro d'Emilia (Italy 2016, 68’) 

Jury Members: Vanda Bonardo, Luca Pastore, Mario Sunseri

Jury Statement

A vitally important topic handled with originality and presented from a novel cinematographic perspective. The film conveys a strong message of content and emotion. 


Audience Award Iren - Main sponsor of CinemAmbiente 

Frágil Equilibrio by Guillermo García López (Spain 2016, 81’)


Environment and Society Award offered by Cooperativa Arcobaleno

Plastic China by Jiu-liang Wang (China 2016, 82’)

Jury Statement

The film examines the connection between destitute poverty and the recovery and recycling of plastic solid waste in China, as well as the environmental, social, political, and human implications of a harsh reality where there are no prospects for the future, yet the chance to earn more money marks social class differences. Also striking is that the children share the same dreams of a brighter future.


Legambiente Special Mention

Con i piedi per terra by Andrea Pierdicca (Italy 2016, 86’)

Jury Statement

The film portrays the coexistence of the old alongside the new in Italian farm life, where forward-looking farmers are rediscovering and putting into practice the use of land as a common good. In a shift away from betonization and exploitative farming, this new generation advocates for the principles of environmental and cultural stewardship and opposes monoculture that impoverishes the land and the mind. This documentary presents a clear picture of the new reality they are creating by drawing on traditional knowledge and applying innovative methods. 


Turin University Student Award

Given by the students of the degree program in environmental economics and cultural heritage, University of Turin (EACT)

Source International by Advocate Creative (USA 2016, 6’)

Jury Statement

The film highlights the difference between a noisy world inundated by information, often from sources with vested interests, and silent communities at the margins of globalization which, through collaboration and solidarity, can challenge major multinationals in their pursuit of an unsustainable business model. Equally important is accessibility to science, the only means to fight against human rights violations and to find solutions to environmental problems. There is a message of hope for people seeking recognition of their rights, people and societies often afflicted by the same problem: the preeminence of economic interests over human and environmental health. 

Special Awards

Movies Save the Planet Award to Jean-Michel Bertrand

Le Ghiande Literary Award to Matteo Righetto


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