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CinemAmbiente Lab 2015



CINEMAMBIENTE LAB (9-11 October 2015, Turin) is a workshop for European filmmakers and producers with a project for a GREEN documentary. The lab is organized by CinemAmbiente Film Festival in collaboration with Documentary in Europe Association.

CINEMAMBIENTE LAB aims to provide its participants the tools to develop an idea for an environmental documentary in the best way possible, and to introduce them to the documentary production world, giving them advices and tips about regional funds, European tenders, festivals, alternative distrubution channels and more.
Thanks to the participation of Italian and international directors and producers, who will share with the participants their successfull experiences, the workshop is a unique moment of professional growht, focused on the participants' projects and on their training for the production phase.

Massimo Arvat (producer) and the directors Alessandro Bernard and Paolo Ceretto (2014 CINEMAMBIENTE LAB participants) will present a case study about WASTE MANDALA documentary, broadcasted by  Rai3 and special event at CinemAmbiente Festival 2015.

Jerry Rothwell, director of the multi-awarded documentary HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD, will give a masterclass about archive footage, and will share with the participants the experience of making a movie about one of the most popular environmental organizations (Greenpeace).

Fredrik Gertten (BIKES VS CARS, BANANAS) will explore the critical issues connected to the production of an investigative documentary against big multinational corporations, one of the favourite topics of environmental cinema.

Valentin Thurn, director who already joined several CinemAmbiente Festival editions (this year in Turin as a member of the jury) and European expert about food waste, will give a masterclass about how to develop integrated documentaries and communication campaigns, in order to strongly impact on reality.

Compared to its first edition, CINEMAMBIENTE LAB 2015 turns from a national into an international workshop: 30 projects from all Europe applied for the selections (Italy, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Greece). Also, all participants are documentary professionals, some of them already joined CinemAmbiente Festival and other Green Festival Network festivals before, others worked with international distributors and important NGOs.

The high quality of the selected projects and the increasing interest for the environmental issues clearly shows how crucial it is to keep on realizing training meetings on a European level about green production.

CINEMAMBIENTE LAB will take place inside the prestigious venue of the Scuola Holden, in 3 intensive days of:

- focused training on projects
- masterclasses with international directors and producers
- case studies
- presentation of regional and European funds
- presentation of projects to a panel of experts
- networking


Here the selected projects:

Agitu. Land for life, by Elisa Cozzarini and Davide Pettarini, Italy
Bear fear, by Fabrizio Setti, Italy
Latest Shamans, by Elisabetta Paduano, Italy
Ma con gran pena le reca giù, by Daniele Niola, Italy
RePLAY , by Marco Fantacuzzi, Italy
Seeking for utopia, by Anton Corbal, Germany
Still Life, by Davide Gambino, Italy
Tanindrazana, by Mario and Stefano Martone, Italy
The Guardians of the Alps, by Manuele Cecconello, Italy
The last savage tribes of the Javarí Valley, by Thomas Miklautsch, Austria
The Tides People, by Paolo Barbieri and Riccardo Russo, Italy
Under the hedge, by Marianna Vas and Nevena Desivojevic, Hungary
Wiser lives, by Elena Viglino, Italy


Here the experts list (others to be confirmed):

Massimo Arvat

Gaetano Capizzi

Enrica Capra

Simone Catania

Andrea Deaglio

Natasha Despotovic

Edoardo Fracchia

Fredrik Gertten

Francesco Giaivia

Enrico Giovannone

Lorenzo Hendel

Paolo Manera

Jerry Rothwell

Nevina Satta

Valentin Thurn

Diego Volpi

Here all the experts bio

At the end of the workshop, a commission of experts and guests will select the winner project, that will have the chance to develop his/her documentary with the support of CinemAmbiente Festival and the whole Green Film Network.

Subscriptions for observers (without project) will be open until Oct 5th.

The registration fee is 200 euro for the participant with a project (300 euro special price for project with second participant) and 150 euro for participants without project.

The registration fee covers the 3-day intensive workshop, the public presentation of the project,
individual meetings with the experts, fast track admission to the Festival screenings, 30-day access to the online video library of the films shown at CinemAmbiente 2015, Turin, workshop contact list, and much more...

Application form HERE



CINEMAMBIENTE LAB is organized by CinemAmbiente – Museo Nazionale del Cinema, in association with Documentary in Europe, in collaboration with Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Creative Europe Desk Media –Torino



Tutor: Edoardo Fracchia (Producer for Stefilm international, member of Documentary in Europe), Lorenzo Hendel (director and producer, in charge of DOC3 - RAI3 Italian TV from 2008 to 2012).

Location: Scuola Holden (piazza Borgo Dora, 49, Torino)



9.00-9.30 Participants Registration

9.30-10.30 Welcome and introduction of program. With Film Commission Torino Piemonte and Creative Europe Media Desk.

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Introduction of projects and participants

12.30-13.30 Case Study: Waste Mandala. With the producer Massimo Arvat (Zenit Arti Audiovisive), and the directors Alessandro Bernard and Paolo Ceretto.

13.30-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-18.30 Presentation of projects. Group Work. Participants will introduce their projects and receive feedback from tutors and other participants.

Time to work on projects...



9.30-13.30 Presentation of projects. Group Work. Participants will introduce their projects and receive feedback from tutors and other participants.

13.30-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-16.30 TEN BILLIONS. Masterclass with the director Valentin Thurn.

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-18.15 HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD. Masterclass with the director Jeremy Rothwell.

Time to work on projects...



9.30-13.30 Project presentation. Participants will present their projects to an audience of experts in order to get advices for their development.

13.30-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-16.00 BIKES VS CARS. Masterclass with the director Frederick Gretten.

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30 - 17.30 What's next? Get the last tips to launch you and your projects into the documentary field: who and how and when contact a producer/broadcaster/fund...

*The program may be subject to changes


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