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CinemAmbiente Acorns Award


Circolo dei Lettori - Saturday, 10 October, 6 p.m.

With Davide Sapienza and Tiziano Fratus

An annual award has been established at CinemAmbiente in recognition of a writer who has dedicated a life to learning and writing about the environment and nature. The 2015 CinemAmbiente Acorn award will be presented to Davide Sapienza and Tiziano Fratus.


Tiziano Fratus (Bergamo, 1975) is at home in any forest he enters. During his travels through the Far East, the United States, and Europe, he coined the terms “root man” and “treeography” to designate two concepts he developed from his observations on nature, identity, and monumental trees. Included among his publications are Manuale del perfetto cercatore d’alberi (Feltrinelli), Il sussurro degli alberi (Ediciclo), and the Trilogia delle Bocche Monumentali (Laterza), of which L’Italia è un bosco and Il libro delle foreste scolpite have been published, while Giona delle sequoie is scheduled to appear in spring 2016. His most recent title is Ogni albero è un poeta (Mondadori). His “Il cercatore di alberi” column appears in La Stampa. He has also mounted exhibitions with photographs from his vast photo archive. His poems Il molosso, Il vangelo della carne, Il respiro della terra, La staticità dei pesci martello, Una stanza a Gerusalemme (A Room in Jerusalem), and most recently Un quaderno di radici (Feltrinelli) and Musica per le foreste (Mondadori) have been published in Italy and in translation in the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, and Singapore, and in international journals such as Poetry International, Tabacaria, Di Versos, Los Angeles Review, Ars Poetica, Les Citadelles and Studium. He directed the Turin Poetry Festival from 2006 to 2010. In 2012 he received the Ceppo Natura special prize at Pistoia in recognition of his publication achievements. Website: www.homoradix.com. 


Davide Sapienza has a long and varied career in music – translating song lyrics and authoring musician and band biographies (U2, Nirvana, Neil Young among others) – and radio (Radio Popolare and Rai Tre). After moving to Presolana, a preapline area in the province of Bergamo, he has continued to travel widely, collect impressions of encounters with famous musicians, and write books about nature. Included among his titles are: I Diari di Rubha Hunish (first edition published by Baldini & Castoldi, then Feltrinelli ebook and Galaad Edizioni), La valle di Ognidove, the novel La strada era l'acqua (Lubrina Editore), La musica della neve (Ediciclo), Scrivere la natura (with Franco Michieli, Zanichelli), Le OroVie (with photographs by Andrea Aschedamini, Lubrina), La via dei Silter (with Franco Michieli, Ersaf), Camminando (print edition Lubrina, ebook Feltrinelli). He has translated and edited books about Jack London (mainly for Feltrinelli) and nature writer Barry Lopez. After four years of writing for La Stampa, in November 2013 he began his own column, Sentieri d'Autore, in the Bergamo edition of Il Corriere della Sera. Besides regularly appearing in stage readings of La musica della neve (his own work) and Il Richiamo di Zanna Bianca (based on two works by Jack London), he also conducts nature walks. He founded the workgroup Diritti della Natura Italia. In 2009, the Italian-Swiss TV network filmed a documentary, La Sapienza di Davide. Parole in cammino, about him. He was awarded the Pigna d'Argento by Alpinia.net at Bormio in 2011.



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