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May 5th, 2014 


After the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York, the documentary film "Virunga" produced by Orlando Von Einsiedel comes to Italy

CinemAmbiente Turin, the film festival that since1998 has been presenting the best international environmental films.

June 5th, 2014


Cinema. Tonight CinemAmbiente’s Winners. Fassino: “It is already a Success for the Town”

“The CinemAmbiente Festival is now an unmissable Event of our City”  the Mayor Fassino states.


CinemAmbiente: the Festival closed with 25.000 participants.



May 23th, 2014 ­


Cycling on the red carpet for CinemAmbiente

May 30th 2014 ­

La Repubblica

Filippa on the Bike Carpet.

Filippa Lagerback “godmother” of the Bikes Premiere.

Filippa Lagerback, ecoblogger activist champion of mobility with zero impact and "shoulder" Fazio, is the jury president of the International Competition and ideally godmother at CinemAmbiente

May 31st, 2014 ­


Cycling on the red carpet. This is how the CinemAmbiente Festival opens.

La Gazzetta dello Sport

In Turin the ecological Movies’ Festival.

Documentaries and films to explore the themes of the environmental protection and our relationship with nature.

La Repubblica ed Torino

Tonight begins the nature movie festival with a red carpet for bikers. CinemAmbiente rides in the future.


La Stampa - Torino

CinemAmbiente, Bike Gala with 100 bikers towards the Massimo Cinema

Who better than the event, witnessing the environmental battles of <eco-­heroes> all around the world, could take the bike promoting it across the board for a cycling Turin?

Today on the bike lane of Via Verdi the unusual Carpet

New CinemAmbiente: the fight documentary

Ecological conflicts are the focus of the Festival opening today in Turin

It’s environment, but this new cinema is not just environment.

These movies record new forms of mobilization, sharing, protest

Environmentalism’s changed, and so the cinema that talks about it


June 1st 2014

La Stampa

On the red carpet people arrive by bike


La Stampa - Torino

At Cinema Massimo occurs CinemAmbiente opening. Sold out in one hour for “Virunga”


La Repubblica - Torino

CinemAmbiente. The green Festival starts cycling

A horde of cinephiles­-cyclists crossed the city center from Statuto Square in Cinema Massimo for the opening with Virunga

Roads transformed into a red carpet for the eco Première of CinemAmbiente with the Bike Gala from Statuto’s Square to the Mole Antonelliana.

Today occurs FierAmbiente, which takes to the centre all sustainable and local products

Elegant clothes and two wheels for the Opening of CinemAmbiente


June 2nd 2014

Eco di Biella

The most important Italian Festival on environmental themes proposes important innovations designed to reserve to its large and devoted audience a more and more engaging experience.


La Repubblica - Torino

CinemAmbiente: from Taranto to the Waste


La Stampa - Torino

Italy, country of wastes. At CinemAmbiente today is dedicated to the good and (really more usual) bad habits of consumption.


Vercelli Notizie

“La Suta”, the movie denouncing the nuclear risk in Saluggia, comes to the CinemAmbiente Festival.


June 3rd 2014

Il Manifesto

CinemAmbiente, images who tell about  the world and its conflicts.

The environment is where the economics , the conflict, the contrasts of the world are proved.

Environment is the quotidian of people and countries, the clash, the resistance, the repression


La Repubblica - Torino

On the screen the stories of resistant farmers

CinemAmbiente; true lives from farmers’ world. Today at the Festival also the turkish Riot, fire’s lands, the demographical boom and possible uses of “pee­-pee”.


La Stampa - Torino

CinemAmbiente: a look forward the future to save the planet. The real strength is inside ourselves. Also the one which has to be used to save the planet.


CinemAmbiente continues today with a desecrating and sincere reflection about the future.

CinemAmbiente is part in the events drawn up by the City of Turin and Torino Foundation Smart City; until June 9 they will bring to the streets the best practices in order to use less natural resources and improve the quality of life.

The EcoTalks carry to the Circle of Readers a debate on "The new frontiers of environmental communication”


June 4th 2014


The fifth day of the "green" Festival still sees the Italian Cinema as a protagonist


La Repubblica - Torino

CinemAmbiente: the spaceman Guidoni, testimonial of Green Generation, comes today to the festival


June 5th 2014

La Stampa - Torino

CinemAmbiente: green awards ceremony. Also Lagerback arrives on two wheels

Filippa Lagerback is the star of this all green and revolution festival, that is not precisely a revolution, but it's the struggle due to the complex and difficult issues discussed

Tonight all juries are arriving by bike at Cinema Massimo for the awards

On two wheels: even the opening ceremony was opened on two wheels. And CinemAmbiente will close in the same way, cycling... Everyone, including the juries


June 6th 2014

Cronaca qui

“Virunga” wins CinemAmbiente. 25 thousand people for the green festival


Il Giornale ­ ed. Piemonte

CinemAmbiente, the City believes in it. Lavolta “It is an important window for us”

“Cinemambiente Festival is now a unpredictable appointment in our City” the Mayor Piero Fassino states


La Repubblica - Torino

Twenty­-five thousand spectators for the festival, which this year was dedicated to green mobility by bike.

"Virunga" wins among the international docs and "Capo e croce"  wins among the Italian ones.

All satisfied for more than 25 thousand presences for the Festival, which was free again.

"I searched on the Web- Filippa Lagerback joked-­ but I haven’t found any green carpet anywhere else in the world. It's an absolute premiere"



May 30th 2014


In the week of the Festival "CinemAmbiente Lab" takes place; it is a workshop for filmmakers and professionals from the world of cinema

Filippa Lagerback from "Che tempo che fa" to President

Green reflections on the world in which we live

One week of images to reflect on the world we live in

Images of the earth that suffers

The international documentary competition is confirmed as a showcase of excellence for international film

Let's talk! The Ecotalks: chatting over on the big issues


Il Venerdì di Repubblica

At CinemAmbiente Festival in Turin the disturbing story of the site in Piedmont Saluggia



Movies for a better future.­ In Turin the 17th edition of CinemAmbiente. And the red carpet as a bike lane.

A hundred titles coming from all over the world divided into three sections; then workshops, meetings, discussions with guests in Cinema Massimo and other places of the City


La voce di Alessandria

Also this year the usual appointment with CinemAmbiente, a festival that combines more and more the love for the cinema and for the environment ,becoming a catalyst for ecological thematic events of various types


La sentinella del Canavese

The current topics will be the protagonists of this festival with the so called environmental heroes


May 31st 2014


Documentaries from all over the world exploring the territory in search of the link between culture and nature

Over the last seventeen years, the largest event in Italy has been approacheing the audience to always unexpected situations and different experiences

Good movies and some more self-defence weapon more


Famiglia Cristiana

The environment as a main character.

Nuclear waste beside a water pipeline is one of the stories told and reported by movies

A Festival that has free entrance again, continuing to present the best national and international environmental movies in Italian premiere.


Io Donna

How green is this movie

A program full of over one hundred titles points out how much cinema cares about the environment and its problems


June 2nd 2014

Tu Style

The protagonists of this edition are the "eco heroes" who fight for nature, for example against the use of plastic bottles or to avoid food waste.




Environmental education is learned since childhood. CinemAmbiente proposes Ecokids


May 5th 2014


CinemAmbiente Lab teaches the green production


May 13rd 2014


Animal rights protagonists at CinemAmbiente 2014



CinemAmbiente 2014: in Turin the greenest festival of Italy



CinemAmbiente is back, the green-coloured film festival



CinemAmbiente, cycling on the red carpet


May 27th 2014


A free environment


May 29th 2014


CinemAmbiente Festival begins. There is also space for food in the Smart City of Turin


May 30th 2014


In Turin, the environment is on the big screen at the 17th CinemAmbiente


May 31st 3014


A look on future to save the planet


A hangout on the future of environmental communication which affects the new generations


June 5th 2014


Cinema, tonight the winners of CinemAmbiente, Fassino "for the city is already a success"


CinemAmbiente in Turin to open our eyes


May 6th 2014


CinemAmbiente the most watched edition ever has closed


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