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Winners 2013



International Documentaries Competition

Best International Documentary

Der Letze Fang - Markus CM Schmidt

For the effective use of narrative and camera work, an efficacious score, outstanding natural protagonists in stories spanning three generations in an account of overfishing that depletes marine resources and threatens the reproduction of several species. The finely paced editing matches an environmental subject with a variety of stories that hold the viewer’s attention.


Special Mention

Lost Rivers - Caroline Bacle

Spare in words, stark in images, this indie leads us beside the waters flowing beneath city streets to discover a new urban landscape.


Special Mention

Trashed - Candida Brady

An important British film production with a noted celebrity who addresses a planetary problem: neglect, ignorance, and mismanagement of waste disposal. A plain yet generous testimony by Jeremy Irons.


Torino Provincial Student Council Award

Char… no man's Island - Sourav Sarangi

The film efficaciously shows the tragic impact of economic and political decisions on the environment and its inhabitants. It also presents a stark contrast between precarious living conditions in one of the world’s poorest areas and our Western society, provoking an appreciation for many things we often take for granted. The photography and narrative technique are both highly effective.



Italian Documentaries Competition

Best Italian Documentary

Teorema Venezia - Andreas Pichler

Carefully well-balanced, poetic yet frank, the accounts give an unexpected view of Venice. The images and sounds reveal a dramatic scenario for the city.

Special Mention

Il giorno che verrà - Simone Salvemini

For having given voice to four compelling stories of environmental engagement, a strong denunciation against a highly polluting coal-fired power plant that exemplifies the conflict between the economic interests of the few and the rights and well-being of the many.For having portrayed an area where industrial sites embody the contradictions of modern society. A society in which far too often – and unacceptably – work, health, and environmental principles become irreconcilable.


Materia oscura - Massimo D’Anolfi, Martina Parenti

For the demonstrated responsibility and competence in the judicious and dialectic selection of archive footage. For the way the cinematographic components of sound and image evoke the viewer’s feelings, while drawing attention to as yet unresolved questions. For presenting a political perspective that goes beyond the local situation in Sardinia to the national and international stage.

'The House of Tomorrow' Competition

Best Documentary 'The house of tomorrow'

Ultima chiamata - Enrico Cerasuolo

For the efficacy in sounding the alarm to take united action: the public, the companies, and the institutions. For fostering sustainability based on practical, simple principles. 



International Documentaries Competition ONE HOUR

Best medium lenght Documentary

Black Out - Eva Weber

Starting from the problem of lack of accessibility to electricity, the film proceeds with formal elegance and sensitivity to the vision of a community in search of its future. Despite the paradoxical situation of a country where political and economic corruption is rife, the film gives a poetic portrait of the daily quest for hope.


Special Prize SUB TI

Orange Witness - Andrew Nisker

With a critical eye for the subject, the film director takes an ethical and aesthetic reflection to its extreme consequences of beauty and cruelty, compassion and denouncement.  



Special prize EATING CITY

Food Savers - Valentin Thurn


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