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A new name and a new format for this Festival section devoted to book presentations. Each event is an occasion for focused debate and discussion with guests and experts. The guiding strand is the constructive and pro-active orientation of the selected texts which take stock of what has been accomplished so far in Italy, the virtuous models and good practices being followed to improve our daily habits.

With readings by actress Adriana Zamboni.


Every day at 6 p.m. at Blah Blah


The Limits to Growth: from the Book to the Film

The Limits to Growth shocked the world when it appeared in 1972. Translated into 30 languages and millions of copies sold, the book became the first “green” bestseller, leading to the creation of environmental activist movements and setting sustainability in the center of international political debate. The book originally derived from a report commissioned by the Club of Rome and carried out by a team of researchers from the Massachussets Institute of Technology. Through the use of complex mathematical models and computer data processing, the study projected 12 scenarios for the future, suggesting the idea that mankind would have to adapt to the planet’s physical limits to avert decline or total collapse. Some 40 years of debate later, in 2012 the authors met again to relaunch their message. And their predictions come fairly close to the current international crisis. The saga of The Limits to Growth is told in Ultima chiamata, a work-in-progress film by Enrico Cerasuolo. The project is described in an advance presentation.


Friday 1st June, 3 p.m., Blah Blah


Luca Mercalli is president of the Italian Meteorological Society, a non-profit association.

Massimo Arvat is vicepresident of Zenit Arti Audiovisive.


Gaetano Capizzi is the founder and director of CinemAmbiente. 



Presentation of Grandi alberi - Alberografie a Nord-Ovest by Tiziano Fratus

A journey to the northwest, a broad arch of woodlands, rock and water that sweeps from the Alps to the Mediterranean, from the Ao- sta Valley, through Piedmont to Liguria, on the border between Italy and France. A natural crescent of diverse ecosystems and climates, the Po river plain and its tributaries, lakes and tablelands, larch wo- ods, vineyards, beech woods, olive groves and chestnut woods, rice fields, and fir forests, industrial and port cities, and natural reserves: 57 itineraries for the tree admirer in all of us.

Tiziano Fratus,
Terre di grandi alberi - Alberografie a Nord-Ovest Nerosubianco Edizioni, Cuneo 2012)


Tuesday 5th June, 6 p.m., Blah Blah

Meeting with

Tiziano Fratus is the author of Homo Radix - Appunti per un cercatore di alberi, Terre di grandi alberi - Alberografie a Nord-Ovest and L’Alber de Milan - Con gli occhi di Thoreau e le mani pronte a respirare. In 2011 the Museum of Natural History, Turin, held an exhibition of his work entitled Grandi alberi fuori dal bosco - Un’al- berografia di Tiziano Fratus in terra di Piemonte.


Giovanni Tesio teaches at the Università del Piemonte Orienta- le and is the author of La provincia inventata, Piemonte letterario dell’Otto-Novecento and Oltre il confine - Percorsi e studi di letteratura piemontese.



E ora si Ikrea and Coltiviamo la citta' edited by Massimo Acanfora

In this era of crisis and mass production, Acanfora presents two books on material culture, from handicraft to farming. E ora si Ikrea is an invitation to take hammer to hand and build something – manual creative work based on the three “Rs”: reduce, recuperate, recycle; Coltiviamo la città is a gardening manual, whether a vegetable garden or a plot of urban greenery, with instructions for greening a balcony, a window sill or a condo garden, with the awareness of the social, dietary, and education values such activities produce through city gardens, school gardens and guerilla gardening.

E ora si IKrea e Coltiviamo la città, a cura di Massimo Acanfora Collana “Manualmente”, Ponte alle Grazie/Altreconomia Edizioni, Milano 2011/2012


Friday 1st June, 6 p.m., Blah Blah

Meeting with

Massimo Acanfora writes on fair trade, critical consumerism and social topics. He is the author of Un’altra birra! and the creator of Fa’ una cosa giusta!.


Michela Pasquali is the author of Loisaida NYC Community Gar- dens and I giardini di Manhattan - Storie di guerrilla gardens. She teaches garden design at the European Institute of Design, Turin.

Noemi Gallo is team leader of Brains by Pragmos Consulting and consultant on various sustainable Energy projects. She is the founding member of Empirica Progetti.

Pier Andrea Moiso works in social cooperation and on environ- mental projects. He works for the Triciclo cooperative. Modertator 



Presentation of Dark Economy by Antonio Cianciullo ed Enrico Fontana

From the territory controlled by the Camorra to the province of Guangdong runs a connection between Mafia clans, unscrupulous businessmen, collusive politicians, and corrupt public administra- tors. The dark economy’s wealth is estimated in billions of euros derived from illegal waste disposal worldwide. From expired me- dicines to old electronics, from junked cars to light bulbs, these recoverable resources feed into the recycling industry or into cri- minal organizations that make a hefty profit by transforming them into toxic waste. Every day the green and the dark economy wage battle against one another. But the tide of war is turning with the aid of citizens’ coalitions, associations, clean companies and pu- blic institutions in fighting the ecomafia.

Dark Economy - La Mafia dei Veleni, a cura di Antonio Cianciullo ed Enrico Fontana, Einaudi, Torino 2012


Saturday 2nd June, 6 p.m., Blah Blah

Meeting with

Enrico Fontana is the director of Nuovo Paese Sera, head of Le- gambiente’s observatory of the environment and legal issues, and president of the Libera Terra Mediterraneo consortium.


Paolo Hutter worked for over 20 years for Radio Popolare. He was city councilman in Milan from 1985 to 1997, and commissio- ner for the Green party in Turin from 1999 to 2001.


Beppe Rovera conducts Ambiente Italia broadcast on Rai Tre and is author of Ambiente Italia - Il paese com’è.



Presentation of La Manutenzione della bicicletta e del ciclista di citta' by ilaria Sesana

A manual for urban cyclists on how to take care of their bikes and themselves. Ilaria Sesana gives useful tips on where to buy one, when and why to use it, how to repair, decorate, customize and pamper it. Cycling in the city is a challenge, but one to be met for the sake of our lungs, our ears tormented by traffic’s roar, our bodies crammed over a desk. Cycling is good for the environment, the city, and our body. But it has to be done with safety in mind. Cycling outside city limits is like a Zen exercise, the expression of a healthy “cyclosophy” that enables us to explore the unexplored of the land and our minds.

La Manutenzione della bicicletta e del ciclista di città, di Ilaria Sesana, Ponte alle Grazie/Altreconomia Edizioni, Milano 2011


Sunday 3rd June, 6 p.m., Blah Blah

Meeting with

Ilaria Se sana has worked as a journalist since 2008. She writes for Terre di mezzo and Popoli, works for the Redattore Sociale agency, the daily newspaper L’Avvenire and the weekly SportWeek.


Michele Noce is the president of the Muovi Equilibri association which holds Bike Pride in Turin, and he is green manager of the Cecchi Point multicultural hub.


Leonardo Bizzaro is a journalist and editor for the culture and entertainment pages of La Repubblica. He is the author of K2 - Uomini esplorazioni imprese and member of the executive board of the Trento Film Festival.


Presentation of L'Italia della green Economy - Idee Aziende e Prodotti nei nuovi scenari globali by Silvia Zamboni

A watchword for emerging from the economic and financial crisis due to the national debt, warding off the specter of bankruptcy, the idea of “growth” must be given an accurate connotation that takes into account the environment, the potential of new clean technologies, and the need for innovation oriented toward social equality. From agriculture to industry, from services to energy and information technology, this book presents the results of the Sustainable Development Award (2009-2011), with a focus on Italian centers of excellence in ecological economy.

Silvia Zamboni,
L’Italia della green economy - Idee aziende e prodotti nei nuovi scenari globali, Edizioni Ambiente, Milano 2012


Friday 1st June, 6 p.m., Blah Blah


Meeting with

Silvia Zamboni was environment commissioner for the city of Bologna. She conducted the Greenpeace program and is the author of Ecogalateo, Città contro l’effetto serra and Rivoluzione bici.


Edo Ronchi, former minister of the environment, created the Foundation for Sustainable Development and is the author of Uno sviluppo capace di futuro - Le nuove politiche ambientali and Vento a favore.


Giuseppe Salvaggiulo, reporter for «La Stampa», has published Flop - Breve ma veridica storia del Partito democratico and La colata - Il partito del cemento che sta cancellando l’Italia e il suo futuro.



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