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Juries 2003



Enrico Fontana

Born in Rome, 1958. Has worked as a journalist since 1988. Member of the National Secretariat of Legambiente, where he heads the National Observatory for Environmental and Legal Issues. Managing editor of the magazine Nuova Ecologia. Since 2000 has been vice president of Libera, an anti-mafia association headed by Don Ciotti. 1988-1992 wrote for Paese Sera, La Stampa and L’Espresso. Has written/edited the following publications: Le ecomafie (1994), Ecomafia. I pirati dell’ambiente (1995), Le nuove frontiere dell’ecomafia (1997), La giustizia di Pinocchio. Il caso Agrigento (1998), Rapporto sull’ecomafia (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002).


Giulia Fossà

Media expert, reporter, actress, television host, director. Made directing debut with Il luogo del pensiero, a series of video portraits. Realized reports Vulcano Kosovo (1996) and Kosovo emergenza pace (2000). In 1998 directed Umbria anno zero, four documentaries on post-earthquake reconstruction efforts, and Missione sviluppo, an investigative documentary on working conditions in the south of Italy.

Pallone bianco pallone nero ( 2001) takes a look at the world of soccer through he contorted perspective of a racist fan. She is author of the books La Terza Torre, (Fazi editore 2002), a reflection on freedom, rights and terrorism in the wake of September 11, and The Bush Show, Verità e bugie della guerra infinita (Nuovi mondi Media edizioni 2003).

Gianfranco Mingozzi

Born in Bologna. Bachelor’s degree in law, University of Bologna. Studied directing at C.S.C., Rome. Worked as assistant to Federico Fellini. Screenwriter, director, television documentary maker. La Taranta, his first film, won first prize at the Festival dei Popoli 1962. Other award-winning documentaries include: Note su una minoranza (1964), Con il cuore fermo (1965), Michelangelo Antonioni, storia di un autore (1966). Directed the following award-winning feature films: Trio (1967), Sequestro di persona (1968), Morire a Roma (La vita in gioco) (1968), Flavia, la monaca musulmana (1974), La vela incantata (1982), Le lunghe ombre (1987), L’appassionata (1989), Tobia al caffè (2000). Worked extensively in TV productions 1970-1998.



Mari Correa da Silva Rimaud

Director, screenwriter, documentary editor. Of French and Brazilian origins. Heads, along with Vincent Carelli, the project “Il video nei villaggi”, where she coordinates training workshops for native film makers. Also as part of the project, co-directed the documentaries AGENDA 31 (2002) and Il video nei villaggi si presenta (2000). Has also directed documentaries for several television broadcasters, including Voix Indiennes, the series Musiques Populaires Brésiliennes and Xingu, o corpo e os Espíritos, which was awarded best documentary at the Ethnographic Film Festival of the Musée de l’Homme, Paris.


Claudio Lauria

Wide range of experience in television, has worked as director of programming and technical director of mobile units. Founder, owner and director of television broadcaster Castelldefels-Canal 29. Has directed and produced industrial videos.

Directed the film En Palestina nacera la paz (1982/83), the video clips Ven a mi casa esta noche que lo vamos a pasar muy bien, Quiero (1984), the fiction shorts No te vayas que te cuento lo increíble de quedarse (1988) and No nos Hundamos (1990). Founder and director of the Festival Internacional de Cine de Medio Ambiente in Barcellona, as well as the Environmental Film Festival Networks.

Franco Prono

Researcher, University of Torino, where at DAMS section he holds courses on History of Italian Cinema, Organization and Economics of Film and Television, Management and Promotion of Film Events. Writes for cinema and theater periodicals. Has published studies on Stanley Kubrick, Bernardo Bertolucci, Gianni Amelio, Buster Keaton, Alain Resnais, Pier Paolo Pasolini. In the world of theater he has studied the work of Luca Ronconi, TV theater and video theater.


Fabrice Marino

Born in Torino, 1983. Has studied in California and Italy, where he graduated from Liceo Europeo Giuridico ed Economico. Involved in youth politics since 1998. Since 2001 has held the post of vice president of the Provincial Council of Students, Torino.


Stefano Mosso

Born in Torino, 1984. Graduated from Liceo Classico Massimo d’Azeglio. Active in youth politics, a student representative since 1999. Currently president of the Provincial Council of Students, Torino, as well as Regional Coordinator for the Union of Students.


William Azzella

Television director, responsible for numerous reports and series for RAI-TV. Since 1987 head of television and radio programming for RAI. A founding member of AIACE, where he is currently vice president. Heads organization for the AIACE Award, which is presented to the best Italian director of the year. In 1995 conceived Cittadella del Corto -International Short Fiction Festival, Trevignano (Rome). In collaboration with the Audiovisual Center of the Region of Lazio, founded the CORTOLAZIO Award, now in its sixth year.


Mariangela Frasca

Born in Rome, 1962. A lawyer, has worked extensively in both television program and documentary production. Since 2000 has worked for AMREF as head of production, as well as handling legal matters. She has produced the following documentaries for AMREF:

Sono stato Negro pure io directed by and starring Giobbe Covatta (2001);

Baba Mandela directed by Riccardo Milani, shown at 2002 Biennale di Venezia in the “Nuovi territori” section;

TV Slum, directed by A. Loy, broadcast by Tele+ (2002);

Asekon’s Journey directed by A. Sermoneta;

Gulu directed by Luca Zingaretti, shown at 2002 Biennale di Venezia in the “Nuovi territori” section.

Nicola Rondolino

Born in Torino, 1968. Bachelor’s degree in Film History and Criticism. Has worked as assistant director under Mimmo Calopresti, Gianluca Tavarelli, Carlo Mazzacurati, Francesco Calogero. Since 1998 a member of the selection committee of the Torino Film Festival. Began making shorts in 1992. Directed first feature film Tre Punto Sei in 2003.


Mauro “Mao” Gurlino

Born in Torino, 1971. Eclectic musician, has explored electronic sounds and rock. In 1995 released the album Sale, along with his band Maoelarivoluzione, and followed up in 1997 with Casa. DJ for Radioflash and Radio Torino Popolare, conducted Kitchen, the miniseries Tiziana and Roma Live for MTV. Has recently been involved with cinema, wrote soundtrack for 500! and has acted in several shorts (La gara di salto con le uova, Garage Madama). Organizes the weekly CortoCorto, a music and film event held Saturday nights in Torino.


Carla Pairolero

Heads the Piedmont section of Legambiente, member of the Legambiente National Council, regional director of the Legambiente Refuse Sector, member of the Board of Directors of La Mandria Regional Park.


Massimo Quaglia

Born in Torino, 1965. Member of the National Union of Italian Film Critics. Writes for “L’Indice dei Libri del Mese” and the online magazine www.arcadigio.it. He also teaches cinema courses for Aiace, Torino. He is on the selection committee and organizational staff of the Sottodiciotto/Under 18 Film Festival.


Giuria Giovani composta da studenti maggiorenni delle scuole superiori di Torino con orientamento artistico-cinematografico  

Francesco Andriolo Istituto Federico Fellini per la cinematografia e la Tv

Alessia Chindamo Istituto Albe Steiner Professionale Statale per i Servizi della Pubblicità

Matteo Ferralasco Liceo Teatro Nuovo- Artistico, Coreutica, Arte e Spettacolo

Vittorio Giuliano Istituto Federico Fellini per la cinematografia e la Tv

Teresa Grilletta I.I.S. Bodoni- Istituto di Istruzione Superiore per le arti grafiche e fotografiche

Marco Lamioni I.I.S. Bodoni- Istituto di Istruzione Superiore per le arti grafiche e fotografiche

Luca Piccaretta I.I.S. Bodoni- Istituto di Istruzione Superiore per le arti grafiche e fotografiche

Natascia Savio Liceo Teatro Nuovo- Artistico, Coreutica, Arte e Spettacolo

Andrea Sedola Istituto Albe Steiner Professionale Statale per i Servizi della Pubblicità


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