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About us 2004

The sixth CinemAmbiente Festival was opened by the Russian film director Nikita Michalkov, winner of the ‘Leone d’Oro’ in 1991 with ‘Urga’ and of an Oscar in 1984 with ‘The Deceiving Sun’.
- Il Giorno, 19 October 2003 -
The contest features films from all over the world.
- Italia Sera, 19 October 2003 -
Videos made by the first generation of film directors are shown at CinemAmbiente.
- Alias, Il Manifesto, 18 October 2003 -
CinemAmbiente is growing more and more. Now hosting celebrity guests such as Michalkov, who is officially opening the festival.
- Alberto Barbera, Torino Sette, 17 October 2003 -
Having grown over the years to its sixth edition, it enjoys the increasing interest of the public and critics.
- Daniele Cavalla, La Stampa, 17 October 2003 -
CinemAmbiente kicks off, little big festival. In only a few years it has reached a position of prestige.
- Mario Serenellini, La Repubblica, 17 October 2003 -
The lights go out. The films that nurture the environment appear on the screen.
- Il Giornale del Piemonte, 17 October 2003 -
When ‘mother Fiat’ ruled your life… thanks to CinemAmbiente the huge Historical Archives have been opened.
- La Repubblica, 16 October 2003 -
A journey through Fiat’s Historical Archives. Some unscreened films will be shown at CinemAmbiente.
- Vera Schiavazzi, La Repubblica, 16 October 2003 -
Now at its fifth edition, the Turin Festival is becoming an increasingly important reference point for cinema productions concerning environmental issues. Schools are also being involved.
- Marco Blasetti, Primissima Scuola, October 2002 -
Miles away from Bollywood, nothing to do with the interesting review on Indian cinema in Locarno: India on film is primarily social involvement, political denunciation and hard struggles against wrong ideas and injustice. It is the outcome of a meeting organized by the fifth edition of the CinemAmbiente Festival, with many film directors of the ‘Global Vision – Pictures from India’ Section and with the writer Arundhati Roy, author of the famous novel ‘God of Small Things’.
- Marco Lombardi, L’Unità, 22 October 2002 -
Now in its fifth edition, the Turin Festival is becoming an increasingly important reference point for cinema productions concerning environmental issues. Schools are also being involved.
- Marco Lombardi, L’Unità, 22 October 2002 -
One of the most remarkable environmental events in Italy. Again this year, it is coming to grips with current affairs such as topics concerning health, diet, the urban system and war, without omitting excitement and entertainment.
- FILM TV, 21-27 October 2001 -
A sequence of films increasingly dedicated to social issues, international and outstanding. Great cinema. Great effort.
- Luca Iaccarino, La Repubblica, 17 October 2001 -
Environmental disasters and scientific research, freedom of trade and new slavery, pollution and health: these are all issues that are somehow intertwined. Such issues will, for once, be given the space they deserve in CinemAmbiente.
- Giuseppe Culicchia, La Stampa – 2000 -
The peculiar feature of this young and fresh festival is the ability to link various forms of communication (from documentary films to fiction and news reports) to a sensitivity for ‘strong’ contents, often difficult, which require to be debated and visualised. CinemAmbiente has drawn its strength from this ‘ideal encounter between representation and reality.’ It has become a concrete and fulfilling experience for many film-makers like me, who also feel an urge to express their own opinions.
- Adonella Marena, TorinoSette, 26 October 2000 -
If plants and animals ever grew at the speed the festival has, it would definitely be very frightening for all of us. (Do you remember those films back in the 60s with giant crabs or ivy eating up whole buildings?). It is also thanks to the present-day issues it tackles, that CinemAmbiente has become one of the most interesting events in our city.
- Luca Iaccarino, La Repubblica, 14 October 2000 -
It is an international festival that speaks about the world, thanks to research on the environment which inevitably brings us to an awareness of our surroundings.
- Piemonte dal Vivo -
CinemAmbiente is a courageous festival, with many merits. First of all, it rediscovers the civil and political commitment of the cinema, being an ‘activist’ in the truest meaning of the word. The pacifist and ecologist involvement, the will to look at the contradictions of today’s world and the passion for stories told by images are the main incentives that have made CinemAmbiente grow (180 films for 16,000 spectators in six editions) to the point of becoming an international event.
- Danilo Chirico, La Repubblica.it. -
CinemAmbiente is still growing and now has famous guests.
- Alberto Barbera, TorinoSette-La Stampa -
Few events are as interesting and praiseworthy as CinemAmbiente Festival of Turin.
- Specchio, La Stampa -
It is a festival that gives input for discussion.
- Radiocorriere TV -

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