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Juries 2004



Cinemambiente  award- Provincia di Torino

Mario Brenta

Venice-based film director of and teacher of film making at the University of Padova and at “Ipotesi Cinema”, where he has taught since the cinema workshop was founded by Ermanno Olmi. Active in fiction and documentaries, his films include Barnabò delle montagne, Maicol, Vermisat, Robinson in laguna, Jamais de la vie!, Effetto Olmi - with participation at major international festivals, such as Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Locarno, Montréal. In the television sector, he has worked for Rai, France 2, Arté/ La Sept.


Ermanno Comuzio

Born in Bergamo. Film & theater critic and columnist for several italian dailies. He has published monographs on George Cukor George Cukor, Raoul Walsh, King Vidor, Erich von Stroheim and several books on music for films. He collaborates with magazines such as Cinema, Bianco e Nero, Cineforum, La Rivista del Cinematografo, Quaderni del Cinema, Ragazzo Selvaggio, as well as Sipario and Il Giornale della Musica. Ha has made film-bios of musicians, actors and directors for Filmlexicon, L’Enciclopedia dello Spettacolo, Il Dizionario Universale del Cinema, Cinema e Film and L’Enciclopedia Italiana (Treccani).


Lucia Rikaki

Born in 1961, in Piraeus (Greece), she studied art history, graphic design and photography in the UK. In 1984 she founded the production company Orama Film. In 1995 she founded «104 Art Theater stage» and «104 Comedy Club». She has directed numerous documentaries and short films. Her feature films include A trip to Australia (1991), Quartet in Four Movements (1994), Dancing Soul (1999) and Comedy Nights – The Film (2001). She is currently at work on her fifth feature film, Hold Up. She has been president of the European Producers Network and a member of the Governing Boards of EURO AIM, DOCUMENTARY, MAP TV, as well as coordinator for the film section of the third World Summit on Media for Children. She has also been a member of the Greek Ministry of Culture for cinema, and is currently artistic director of Greece's annual Ecocinema Festival.


Julio Santucho

Born in Santiago del Estero (Argentina ), in 1945. After graduating with a major in theology from the Universidad Católica Argentina, he earned a degree in philosophy at the Università Lateranense of Rome. As an exile in Italy, he taught Spanish-American literature at the University of Calabria. Upon his return to Buenos Aires, he founded the multimedia institute DerHumALC, which organizes the Festival Internacional de Cine y Video de Derechos Humanos en América Latina y el Caribe, of which he is president and director (sixth edition, August 2004). He is also active in the organization of debates and exhibitions related to the themes explored by the festival. Through IMD he produces videos and films aimed at heightening public awareness of social issues.


Mohammed Soudani

Born in 1949, he worked as cameraman for Algerian television 1970-71. After completing studies at the IDHEC in Paris, he worked as operator, and later as director of photography at Polivideo SA until 1986. He began directing in 1987, for Swiss TV. A teacher in France and Switzerland, he has also provided courses for Ivorian TV and Fininvest. His numerous documentaries include three feature length documentary-style films: Waalo Fendo (1997), Les diseurs d’histoires (1998) and Guerre sans images (2002).



Turin Provincial Students Council Award

Francesco Campobello

Born 1984. Scientific studies diploma, Piero Gobetti High School (Torino). Member of the Province of Torino Student Council, 2003-04. Currently a Law major at the University of Torino.


Elisabetta Chiono

Born 1985 in Torino, member of the Province of Torino Student Council, and Aldo Moro Institute (Rivarolo Canavese) representative, 2003-04. Currently a Law major at the University of. Torino


Umberto Marengo

Born 1985 in Torino. Classical studies diploma, Valsalice High School (Torino). Currently vice president of the Province of Torino Student Council. A student at the University of Torino, active in student representation, journalism and volunteer work.


Tommaso Soave

Born 1985 in Torino. Classical studies diploma, Massimo D’Azeglio High School (Torino). Currently a Law major at the University of Torino, active in student representation and youth politics. Last year served as president of the Province of Torino Student Council.


Giulia Tosoni

Born 1985 in Torino. Scientific studies diploma, Galileo Ferraris High School (Torino) in 2004. Active in student politics since 2000. Participated Province of Torino Student Council activities, 2003-04. Currently a political science major at the University of Torino.




Cinemambiente award – Città di Torino

Merwan Chabane

After graduating from the École National Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (Paris) with a major in cinema animation, he worked as illustrator for several comics series, including Vent d’Ouest and Travis hors-serie, before working in cinema animation. His first film Biòtope (2002) was selected as best short film at the sixth edition of Cinemambiente.


Anna Di Martino

For the past 12 years she has worked with the Cineteca of Bologna, for the programming of Cinema Lumière and the organization of cinema events. In 1994 she founded the Italian short and mid-length film festival, Visioni Italiane, of which she is still director. In Bologna she has set up and organized numerous workshops, hosting international cinema personalities such as Otar Ioseliani, Jean-Claude Carrière, Abel Ferrara. Also a professional journalist, she is film critic for several magazines, including Segnocinema, where her column on short films appears regularly. For Italy's Union of Film Critics she recently published a study on contemporary American documentaries.


Paolo Manera

Born in Torino (1967). Graduated in Literature with a thesis on Cinema. Since 1985 musician/composer in indipendent bands and soundtracks. Since 1990 working for cultural associations and institutions in Torino for cinema programs/events, writing articles and essays (for Cineforum, Il Manifesto, Einaudi, Il Castoro...). Since 1999 to 2003 curator of the International Short Film Competition of Torino Film Festival - Cinema Giovani. Since 2000 author and consultant for documentaries, web projects, screenplays, radio and TV programs for RAI channels and other national networks. Currently working for Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema e La città del Cinema for archives, web projects and retrospectives, writing an hostory of the short film for Utet Publishing House, and working as freelance for several associations and festival in Italy and abroad, with the focus on indipendent cinema and cinema/music relations




Cinemambiente award – Over

Giovanna Boursier

Born in Torino, in 1966. She has published numerous articles on the deportation of Rom gypsies. In 1994 she began working with director Mimmo Calopresti; she was assistant director for his film Tutto era Fiat. In 2001 her own documentary Signorina Fiat won the Cipputi prize at the 19th edition of the Torino Film Festival. In 1999 she was an interviewer for Steven Spielberg's Shoah Visual History Foundation. Since 1993 she has worked for the Italian daily Il Manifesto and since 2002 has worked as video-journalist for the television broadcast Report.


Luca Pastore

Born in Torino, in 1961. In 1983 he founded the production company Legovideo. Along with partner Alessandro Cocito (Cocito&Pastore) he has made numerous art-videos for television, including Italy's Raitre (‘Italian and European Intervals’). He wrote music reviews for the Italian daily il manifesto 1994-97; he is also an accomplished musician, and is a founding member of the group Fluxus. He has directed numerous documentaries (for Rai, Telepiù, Arte zdf), and has participated in major international documentary festivals. He has also directed video-magazines, commercials, music videos and video-art installations for museums.


Maurizio Torchio

Born in Torino, in 1970. He is director of the Fiat Historical Archives. He teaches sociology of communication at the Polytechnic of Torino. He has directed one documentary film (Votate agli stipendi Fiat, 2003) and is the author of a book of short stories (Tecnologie affettive, Sironi, 2004).



Legambiente award

Salvatore Venezia

B.A. in Political Science. A resident of Torino since 2000. Director of Legambiente Piemonte. Legambiente National Council member since 1995. 1993 - 1999 president Il Cigno club, Legambiente Caltagirone, and member of the Regional Secretariat of Legambiente Sicilia.


Marilisa Schellino

High school teacher of art history; also teaches contemporary art at the European Institute of Design in Torino. Since 2000 she has collaborated with the Region of Piemonte on the realization of educational support materials for exhibitions. Many years of experience in multimedia and the production of documentary videos. A member of the Regional Secretariat of Legambiente Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta.


Enrico Camanni

Journalist, mountain climber and writer, Enrico Camanni of Torino is managing editor of the international Alpine culture magazine L'Alpe. He is particularly committed to social and environmental issues regarding the Alps. A member of the Scientific Commission of Legambiente Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta.


Marco Fratoddi

Journalist and trainer, assistant managing editor of La Nuova Ecologia (Legambiente's monthly magazine). He is also involved in theater, social communication and working with children. Writes for several national publications and teaches new media theory and technique at the University of Cassino.


Monica Frassoni

B.A. in Political Science from the University of Florence, with a dissertation on relations between Europe and Latin America. Co-president of the Verdi/ALE group at the European Parliament. Legambiente National Council member.



Documè award

Giuliano Girelli

Founder of the Documè project, Ethical and Social Documentary Independent National Circuit After working in the marketing and communication department for leading companies in Europe and United States, since 2002 he has been working at his own project involving culture and social marketing. Between 91 and 93 he has been president of Turin’s Centro per le Arti arts centre.


Roberto Pavanello

Free lance journalist and cinema critic, he has been collaborating with La Stampa since 2001. Designer and curator of Cineweb feature on www.lastampa.it. He graduated in history and cinema criticism with a thesis on the 70s civil and political Italian cinema.


Matteo Bellizzi

Director, he attained a diploma at the school for documentary makers "i Cammelli" directed by Daniele Segre. The author of documentaries and video-installations, his documentary Sorriso Amaro obtained a great success by the critics at 2003 edition of the Mostra del cinema di Venezia.


Gianni Giovine

A communications expert, since 1997 director of customer service at the Burnett BGS (formerly BGS D’Arcy) communications agency, where - besides meeting the communications needs of car manufacturers, newspapers, banks, insurance companies, Christmas cake bakers and telephone books - he is dedicated to “socially committed” communications for Gruppo Abele, the Cancer Research Foundation of Piemonte, Unione Musicale, the City of Torino, and others. He harbors a passion for cinema that has blithely survived militant cineforum debates.


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