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Juries 2005



Asja.biz prize

.: Ulrich Rydzewski

Ulrich Rydzewsky was born in Erkrath, Germany, in 1959 and his father was a painter and sculptor. He studied music and started realizing short-length films and videos in 1995.
The same year he founded the record label ATON Recordings. Among his films we may mention ‘Verbotene Zone’, ‘Der strahlende Sarg - 10 Jahre Tschernobyl’ and ‘Pelym’.
From 2001 to 2004 and together with Andrzej Klamt, he realized ‘Carpatia’.
With this he was awarded the first prize as best documentary at the 2004 CinemAmbiente Festival and the second prize at the EcoFilms, Rodos International Film+ Visual Arts Festival. 


.: Lisandro Nogueira

Lisandro Nogueira lives in Goiânia in Brasil. He studied Journalism, Radio and TV at university from 1983 to 1986, then attended the school of Art and Communication from 1992 to 1995.
Subsequently he was awarded a Master for Cinema and Television and a Doctorate in Cinema and Journalism.
He is the author of the book ‘O autor na televisão’.
He is a lecturer in Cinema at the Federal University of Goiàs. He is also a cinematographic critic and has been a consultant for the International Festival of Environmental Cinema since 2003. 


.: Fabrizio Grosoli

 Born in 1954, Fabrizio Grosoli is a journalist, cinematographic critic and producer. He was the editor for the monthly magazine ‘Ciak’(1985-1990), he collaborated with the magazines ‘Cinema e Cinema’ and ‘Cineforum’.
He has written essays on the Italian cinema and edited reviews on the French, German and American cinemas.
He was a member of the Selection Committee for the International Cinema Exhibition of Venice from 1999 to 2001; co-director of the ‘Nuovi Territori’ section; member of the Selection Committee for the ‘DocItalia’ section of the Turin Film Festival; consultant for the international selection of the Turin Film Festival in 1998 and 2002. He became a director and subsequently consultant of TELE+ (1990-2003). Since 2003 he has been the chairman of the production company FANDANGO, which deals with non–fiction. 



Student's Provincial Council Torino Prize

.: Alberto Miglio 

.: Alberto Santacroce 

.: Daniele Giacomini 

.: Elio Padoan 

.: Elisabetta Bastianini

.: Emanuele Manzone 

.: Giulia Maroccoli

.: Jada Castagna

.: Rachelle Yunami Kabala Chauzi

.: Roberto Origliasso

.: Serena Davi

.: Valentina Rainò




Premio Pierluigi Rampa - ARPA Piemonte
Premio Over
Premio Musicfeel 

.: Letizia Battaglia

Nata a Palermo nel 1935, si sposa a 16 anni e diventa madre di tre figlie. Responsabile dei servizi fotografici de “L’ORA”, divide l’impegno antimafia con il suo compagno e fotografo, Franco Zecchin, pubblicando su innumerevoli testate internazionali. Come regista ha realizzato dentro l’Ospedale Psichiatrico di Palermo, spettacoli e film in superotto e video. Altre regie hanno come tema centrale l’ambiente e le donne.
Editrice, in prima linea nella difesa dei diritti umani e delle donne, ha realizzato come fotografa alcune delle immagini più famose della gente e della cronaca di Sicilia, ricevendo nel 1999 a San Francisco il premio Photography Lifetime Achievement del Mother Jones International Fund. 


.: Alberto Grifi

Alberto Grifi was born in Rome on May 29th 1938 and grew up in the workshop where his father built special movie cameras. Alberto is considered as one of the first and greatest names in what was known as the ‘Italian Experimental Cinema’. He has been an artist, a director, cameraman, actor, sound engineer and an advertising photographer.
Moreover he has produced video-cinematographical slides like the ‘vidigrafo’ which served in 1972 to copy ‘Anna’ onto film, the first videorecorded film in Italy.
In 1964 he made ‘Verifica Incerta’, a massive recuperated production of famous Hollywood films. This was reminiscent of ‘Dada’, shown in Paris for the first time in a dubbing room and meeting with the enthusiasm of Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Max Ernst.
His many films and videos that have not been edited include the following: - ‘In viaggio con Patrizia’, ‘L'occhio è per così dire l'evoluzione biologica di una lagrima’ and ‘A proposito degli effetti speciali’. (Travelling with Patrizia, The Eye may be said to be the Biological Evolution of the Tear and Regarding Special Effects).
Alberto Grifi has recently designed and constructed equipment for regenerating old video-magnetic tapes that have deteriorated. 


.: Rivas

Born in Santiago in Chile, Rodrigo Rivas has lived in Italy since 1974, following the coup d’ètat in 1973. He graduated in Economics and Political Science and is a professional journalist.
He has been the editor for the Mazzotta publishing house, director of Cespi, Radio Popolare of Milan and the Mani Tese journal, as well as a university lecturer in Milan, Pavia and several foreign universities.
Together with the Piedmontese ‘Verdi’ party , he was the organizer and speaker at the seminary on Sustainable Alimentation in the Social Forum of Porto Alegre in 2003.



Legambiente Prize

.: Salvatore Venezia 

He has got a degree in Political Science. From 2000 he lives and works in Turin. He is one of the leader of Legambiente. From 1995 he is one of the member of Legambiente National Council. From 1993 to 1999 he was chairman of the club "Il Cigno" in Caltagirone and member of the regional secretary office of Legambiente in Sicily.


.: Marilisa Schellino

She is a professor of Art. From 2000 she works in collaboration with "Regione Piemonte" for the carrying out of material useful to exhibitions. She has substantial experience in the field of multimedia and in documentaries production. She is a member of Legambiente head office in Piemonte and Valle d'Aosta; she is a regional coordinator of Legambiente training school.


.: Damiano Di Simine

He is the president of CIPRA Italia. He is the national leader of Legambiente and he carries out projects of management of natural areas entrusted to the ONG. He is national leader and coordinator of the Carovana delle Alpi. 


.: Carla Pairolero 

She is the leader of Legambiente in Piemonte and in Valle d'Aosta.She is responsible for the waste departement at the Regional office, she is a member of the national council of Legambiente and she is a member of the Ente Parco Regionale La Mandria. 


.: Claudia Apostolo

After many years working on short- term contracts and after any kind of activities in the field of communication, at the end of 90s, she started working in the Rai editorial staff in Turin, leading the regional news and taking part in the carrying out of the weekly television programme Ambiente Italia. 




.: Nikos Nikolaidis  

Born in Greece in 1958, Nikolas Nikoladis graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence.
He has worked on experimental projects with the Pontedera Theatre of Santarcangelo, in the Romagna Region in Italy, and is a consultant for the Greek Ministry for Culture and Tourism.
He is among the founders of MGO ‘Archipelagos’, ‘EcoFilms’ and ‘Media LiteracY Network’, and among the organisers of the Audiovisual Panorama on Youth and Sport. He programs and coordinates the Rodos International +Visual Arts Festival.


.: Sergio Troiano  

Sergio Troiano attended the Naval Academy for a few months before becoming one of the protagonists of the soap opera ‘Cento Vetrine’.
After his cinematographic debut in ‘Portami via’ ,directed by Gianluca Tavarelli in 1994, Sergio Troiano worked together with Valerio Mastandrea and Luciana Litizzetto in ‘Tutti giù per terra’ (1999), inspired by the omonimous book by Giuseppe Culicchia. He dubbes Gumercindo in the Rete4 television soap opera‘Terra nostra’.


.: Giaime Alonge

Born in Turin in 1968, he graduated in History of the Cinema and was later awarded a doctorate at the DAMS in Bologna.
He has been an associate lecturer at the DAMS in Turin. He also teaches History of the Cinema in the animation section of the National School of Cinema (located in Chieri) and was visiting professor at the University of Chicago in 2004.
He is involved with the American cinema, animation and the relationship between cinema and history. He is the co-writer of the screenplays for two long-running films directed by Daniele Gaglianone: ‘I nostri anni’ (2000) and ‘Nemmeno il destino’ (2004).


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