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Juries 2006



Jury Prize Asja.biz

.: Jaume Gil 

Jaume Gil is the director of two of the most important Thematic Film Festivals in Spain. "Catalonia Environmental film Festival" now preparing the 14th Edition and "Mostra Lambda. Barcelona International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival" in the 12th Edition right now. Also is collaborating with Mexico in the organization of FICTGAY a prestigious Film and Theater Festival. He studied Film and Television and his career begun with film productions and different scripts for TV and Cinema. Currently in the last 10 years he spend all his time preparing film Festivals and making cinema scripts. 


.: Spyros Kouvelis

Spyros Kouvelis was born in Athens, Greece. He holds an MSc in Agricultural/ Environmental Economics from the University of Reading in the UK. He has worked as Acting Chief Executive Officer of WWF Greece until 1997. Member of the Agriculture and European policy teams of WWF International, and chair of the WWF Mediterranean Team. From 1997 to 2000 he worked as an Athens-based consultant to the WWF European Policy Office. In 1997 he was appointed Advisor to the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works of Greece, where he worked until 2001. Since 2001, he holds the position of MedWet Coordinator, directing the MedWet Coordination Unit in Athens, a Ramsar outposted unit responsible for the coordination of the Mediterranean Wetlands.


.: Luca Mercalli

Born in 1966, president of the Italian Meteorological Society and chief editor of the journal Nimbus. Conducts research and teaches climatology and glacier science. Author of 80 scientific publications, 600 general science articles and dozens of books, including I tempi sono mature and Le mucche non mangiano cemento; has participated in numerous conferences and collaborates on TV programs: "Che tempo che fa" (RAI3), "SopraTutto" (RAI2) e "Trame" (Radio2).


.: Peter Popham 

Born in Cork, Ireland, brought up in London, became a freelance journalist in Japan: wrote for Sunday Times Magazine among many other stories for many publications; joined The Independent in 1990, covered collapse of Soviet Empire, efforts to save the Phillipine Eagle, etc etc; The Independent's South Asia correspondent based in Delhi 1997-2002, Rome correspondent 2002.


.: Gaetano Stucchi

(Milan 1943) joined RAI as producer and screenwriter; executive producer of highly popular TV series; chief of radio-TV programming for RAI-Abruzzi regional studio, RAI-SAT chief programmer and founding member of Club d’investissement MEDIA (CIM) and MAP-TV (ancillary services for archive materials-based TV co-productions). Repeatedly chosen as EU expert, in 1994 member of the reflection unit created by the DG X in preparation for the Brussels Conference; chosen one of the four official reporters at the Birmingham Conference; directed TV at the UER, Geneva, a post he left to become a media and TLC consultant.




.: Francesco Aceti

Turin native, national USIP advisor, coordinates various initiatives and local and international activities in sports, culture and social sectors. Book author, collaborates with several newspapers and TV broadcasters.


.: Gianluca e Massimiliano De Serio

Twins, born in Turin 15/12/1978. They have been making award-winning films and documentaries of national and international acclaim since 1999.


.: Ermanno Pizzoglio

Native of Biella, instructor-trainer in alpine sports. Twenty years experience in organizing and participating in mountain expeditions all over the world. Organizes cultural, film and solidarity events.


.: Giorgio Viglino

Native of Turin, journalist on numerous national newspapers; book author; collaborates on and takes part in local and national TV programs


Jury Provincial Student Council

.: Riccardo Ballatore

(1986) graduated from A. Volta Science High School, Turin, has worked on the Provincial Student Council for the past two years.

.: Luca Bertolotto

(Pinerolo (TO) 1987) Provincial Student Council representative of M. Curie Science High School, Pinerolo, school year 2005-2006, graduated with a major in information technology.

.: Melania Di Blasi

(Turin 1987) attends A. Steiner Public Service Vocational Institute (Turin); Turin Youth Council member for the past two years; attends courses on filmmaking and photography.

.: Luca Garnero

(Rivoli 1988) lives in Valperga (TO), senior at A. Moro Science High School, Rivarolo; member of the Provincial Student Council since last year.

.: Daniele Giacomini

(1987), Provincial Youth Council president; attended senior year of the Istituto Valsalice Science High School. Returning member of last year’s Cinemambiente jury.

.: Emanuele Manzone

(1987) graduated this year from A. Volta Science High School; freshman in electrical engineering at the Politecnico, Turin; returning member of the Cinemambiente jury.

.: Antimo Natale

senior at M. Curie Science High School, Pinerolo; Provincial Student Council member this year and cinema buff. Film club president at his high school for the past 3 years.




Jury Prize Coop

.: Paolo Pobbiati

(Milan 1958) teacher and multimedia programmer, member of Amnesty International (AI) since 1987; since 1990 Italian chapter coordinator for China (Tibet), Myanmar and Vietnam. Since 2003 executive committee member of AI Italian chapter, committee president since 2005. Author of numerous articles on human rights violations and of forwards to texts on these topics; collaborated with Piero Verni on the CD-ROM entitled Tibet; worked on microcredit projects in Afghanistan.


.: Alberto Signetto

(Cordoba, Argentina, 1954) currently lives in Turin. Since 1970 has worked in film and communications. Founding member of the Artkino, cooperative film distributor; film director since 1982; founding member of the film production company, Rosebud Company. Since 2002 artistic director of Malescorto – International Short Film Festival. His works include: Nella pancia del piroscafo – piemontesi d’argentina, Venti anni prima, i cieli della Grecia, conversazioni con Theo Angelopoulos, Architetture olivettiane a Ivrea, Govi a Gavi, Weltgenie.


.: Viviana Turchi

(Treviso 1952) worked in film editing until 1979 on American, British and Italian productions. Since then has organized art exhibitions and worked as fund raiser for artistic events. Since 1992 has worked for Lucky Red Distribuzione Cinematografica as managing director; selects new Italian production or distribution projects; member of the selection committee of the first documentary film festival entitled Hai Visto Mai? in Siena, July 2006.


Jury Prize Legambiente 

.: Andrea Dolcini 

Earned a degree in communication sciences, wrote his thesis on film semiotics; organized the Ivrea 2002 Summer Film Review at the art film movie house ABCinema, Ivrea; member of the editorial board of Varieventuali (2001—2004), a magazine produced in Ivrea. Member of Legambiente, collaborated as PR coordinator of “La Notte dei Rospi” [Night of the Frogs] campaign of Legambiente Piemonte – Valle d’Aosta and co-authored the book “Fiumi senza acqua, la situazione in provincial di Torino” [Rivers without water, the situation in the province of Turin] published by Legambiente.


.: Giuseppe (Beppe) Gamba

Member of the Legambiente executive board, former president of Legambiente Piemonte, worked for many years in various agencies responsible for environmental protection policies; worked in the chemicals industry and in planning major reclamation projects and local environmental services. In the past decade he has been councillor for the environment and sustainable development in the Turin provincial administration where he collaborated on founding the Agende 21 Locali Association, of which he was its first president. Coordinator of the Kyoto Club local agency workgroup.


.: Marilisa Schellino

High school art history teacher, instructor of contemporary art at the European Institute of Design, Turin, since 2000 has collaborated with the Piedmont regional government for developing educational materials accompanying exhibitions. Lengthy experience in multimedia design and production of documentary videos. Member of the Legambiente Piemonte – Valle d’Aosta secretariat where she is responsible for public service campaigns and projects.


.: Salvatore Venezia

Earned a degree in political science, has lived and worked in Turin since 2000; executive of Legambiente Piemonte. Since 1995, member of the Legambiente National Council. President of “Il Cigno” of Legambiente – Caltagirone and member of the regional secretariat of Legambiente Sicily from 1993 to 1999.


.: Luciano Ventura

Member of the national executive board of Legambiente Onlus and national secretariat of the professional association Legambiente School and Education, responsible for Legambiente youth program and training courses for animators and educators. Since 1982 has worked in youth sports and social programs. Since 1995 has collaborated with Legambiente on developing various programs; has written numerous articles for La Nuova Ecologia, Jey, Rifiuti Oggi; collaborates in organizing the national environmental book prize awarded to publications for young readers. 




Jury Prize SMAT 

.: Alessandro Amaducci

Born 1967 in Turin where he graduated with a thesis on videoart, he has worked at Turin’s Centro Arti Visive Archimede (Archimede Visual Arts Centre). He has taught several video training courses, funded by the EEC, for the Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design) in Milan, and currently teaches at the DAMS university of Turin. He has worked with the Archivio Nazionale Cinematografico della Resistenza (National Film Archives of the Resistance), producing documentaries on World War II and the workers’ struggles, and with the Juvarra Theatre in Turin. Currently engaged in making videos of videoart, videoinstallations, documentaries, video-clips, multi-medial performances and VJing, with particular emphasis on the musical aspects.


.: Mari Martén Biaz Wahlgren

Born in Turin in 1940, she has lived in Sweden since 1964. After studying social anthropology and art at the Konstafack in Stockholm, in 1972 she began to work as screen-writer, director and animator on numerous documentaries, fiction and cartoon films. To mention just some of her films: L’albero del riccio (cartoon), based on the letters of Antonio Gramsci to his children, Valchiusella (documentary), and La piccola storia di Natale (fiction). She is currently working on a new cartoon film Il pony nelle miniera, which also takes its inspiration from Gramsci’s letters. She is the founder of the Wahlgren Film production company.


.: Luca Raffaelli

Writer and journalist, he is particular active in the comic strip and cartoon film sectors. Former assistant director of the Salone di Lucca, he has worked for the Venice Film Festival. He currently writes for Lanciostory, the newspaper Repubblica, and supplement il Venerdì. He was the author of Go-cart, on the Italian TV channel RaiDue. One of his short animated films, made in 1982, has taken part in various international festivals. His book "Le anime disegnate. I pensieri nei cartoon da Disney ai giapponesi" was published in 1994. He has been artistic director of Castelli Animati, the International Animated Film Festival held at Genzano for 11 years, and of Romics, Comics and Cartoon Film Festival at the Rome Fair, for six.


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