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What Others Have Said
The Environmental Film Festival held in Turin is one of the oldest. Now in its tenth year, the week-long Festival presented nearly 200 titles subdivided by category.
Il Sole 24 Ore, 18 October 2007

Communicating commitment through cinema
The opening day heralded well for the Turin Cinemambiente Festival […] Festival director Gaetano Capizzi crossed his fingers in the hope that Al Gore would receive the Nobel prize. That hope was promptly met. […] Students thronged outside the movie house for free tickets to DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour.
Cristina Tagliabue, Il Sole 24 Ore, 18 October 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio to open the tenth Cinemambiente Festival in Turin (11-16 October) with The 11th Hour, the documentary he produced and narrated.
Vanity Fair, 18 October 2007

An inconvenient truth called war
Delta Oil’s Dirty Business among the best documentaries in this year’s Festival. Compelling revelations and caustic criticism by documentaries that try to expose some of the disturbing truth about the economics and ecology of oil and war.
Daniela Bezzi, Il Manifesto, 17 October 2007

Now in its tenth year, and the second in collaboration with the National Museum of Cinema, the Cinemambiente Festival, directed by Gaetano Capizzi, goes from strength to strength: over 16,000 spectators at the Massimo Cinema (often sold out) and at venues throughout the metropolitan area, where the actors were the 7000 elementary, middle school and high school students who participated in the Ecokids section of the Festival program.
Daniele Cavalla, La Stampa, 17 October 2007

Hollywood party
Hollywood stars speak their minds: Daryl Hannah drives a biofueled car; Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morrissette talk about global warming; Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson ask about the fate of electric cars; Boog and Elliot appear in the Ecokids section of the program.
Francesca Agrati, Topolino, 16 October 2007

Can the earth’s destiny still be redecided? Leonardo DiCaprio’s 11th Hour claims so. The film will open the tenth Cinemambiente Festival in an advance screening for Italian audiences. […] Closing the Festival on October 16 will be the award presentation to film competition winners by Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Italian Minister of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea.
Film TV, 14-20 October 2007

Europe’s first “zero emission” film festival: Cinemambiente, in consortium with the Environmental Film Festival Network, organized by the National Museum of Cinema and directed by Gaetano Capizzi, is the largest of its kind in Italy and comprises three sections, with prizes awarded the winning film in each section. […] Hollywood has found its environmentalist voice.
Carta, 12 October 2007

The Earth’s rights
Focusing on human rights and environmental issues, this year’s Cinemambiente Festival program includes The Great Warming, French Fries to Go, and an advance screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 11th Hour.
Anna Abate, I viaggi di Repubblica, 11 October 2007

The Cinemambiente Film Festival directed by Gaetano Capizzi is more than just films. Since it attracts an audience segment that other types of communication do not normally reach, it can effectively change attitudes to largely ignored environmental issues and create an awareness of the threats to our planet’s health.
Mirella Caveggia, L’Unità, 8 October 2007

DiCaprio, a film for Turin. Keenly expected is the American actor’s environmentalist debut with The 11th Hour. Also awaited on the tenth Festival program is a host of other Hollywood celebrities: Keanu Reeves, Daryl Hannah, Mel Gibson, and Oscar-winner Tom Hanks.
Il Giornale, 7 October 2007

The environment. More films than ever.
Al Gore pioneered the idea of advocating environmental issues and Hollywood soon followed his lead: Keanu Reeves and Alanis Morrissette lend their voices to The Great Warming, Daryl Hannah and eco-activist Charris Ford appear in French Fries to Go, a biofueled road movie. Back in 1997, when Cinemambiente was created to commemorate the Chernobyl disaster, the organizers were hard pressed to find environmental films. No longer.
Angela Tragni, D la Repubblica delle Donne, 6 October 2007

Hollywood environmentalist
DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour seeks to find out about the current threats to life on earth and whether there’s hope for the future.
Internazionale, 5 October 2007

Nature on the big screen. 100 films of Cinemambiente
Digging in his heels for ten years in an entrenched battle to make the Turin film festival a forum for debate about the environment, Gaetano Capizzi, Festival director, has managed to have the event included in the Environmental Film Festival Network and, coherently with its mission, to make it Europe’s first zero emission film festival.
Clara Caroli, La Repubblica, Ed. Torino, 1 October 2007

Side dish
Her car running on recycled fast food cooking oil, Daryl Hannah makes a long-term commitment to sustainable solutions in life and on film with French Fries to Go, directed by friend and rapper Charris Ben Ford. The biodiesel tale will be presented at the Cinemambiente Film Festival.
Matteo Maresi, Rolling Stone, October 2007

Screening the world. Fiction and documentary films at the 10th Cinemambiente Film Festival
Now in its tenth season, Cinemambiente takes a critical look at environmental issues through the eye of the camera. Directed by Gaetano Capizzi and organized by the National Museum of Cinema, the Turin Festival will present over 100 films on the state of the Earth.
Angela Iannone, La Nuova Ecologia, October 2007

Over the past decade, Cinemambiente has explored the difficult relationship between modern man and the environment in countless documentaries and socially engaged films. The Festival has grown in fame and importance not only because of its outstanding quality but also because of the growing pressures on the well-being and integrity of our planet.
Natural, October 2007

Turin and clean green cars
Films on environmentally friendly cars will be presented at the Cinemambiente Film Festival in Turin from 11 through 16 October.
Quattroruote, October 2007


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